Accepting the Call for Caring: Positive Health Outcomes by Intent

by  Lucas Morgan, RPN

Greetings, Kwe,

My name is Lucas Morgan. I operate to provide Ottawa based footcare and to serve Ontario based clinics by arrangement. Like everyone here I am a registered practical nurse. I hold advanced specialty certifications in foot and wound care and have served the healthcare community for six or seven years now. My slogan is Positive Health Outcomes by Intent.

I started my healthcare career working out of old beat up ambulances rumbling across southern Ontario. To get my license, a kind man mentored me and said to me, “Lucas, you will make a good Emergency Medical Responder.”Someone believed in me. Thank you Jamie. That moment changed my life forever.

I have since helped thousands of people on their way in this journey. I am a better nurse now for it.

Since then I worked as a community nurse for a few years after college. I became very good at wound care, compression therapy, taking care of chronic wounds, helping people get better and maintaining comfort with their path. I worked with some good people.

I did find things lacking so I worked to improve myself. I gathered certifications and more experience. I joined associations and memberships, including Independent Business Specialty Interest Group of the RPNAO – a group of practical nurses who formed out of an interest to collaborate and exchange knowledge in running independent nursing-based business' in Ontario.

I seek to work with others who are like-minded. I look for a family and create one to take with me in order that what I believe in – good care, good behaviour and good treatment of others – is passed to others. I only lend my name to others that I believe in, that have proven their heart – not for speed, not for profit, not to slap a dressing on and run out the door in a moment, never tending your charge.

Taking care of others and helping them is an important part of community and harmony with our planet, our family, co-workers, friends and associates. Without community we can wither and die. We need each other and each of us in our role.

For people that I have worked with, for the student, for all of us that need a reminder in our role to our family: imagine if I do a bad job in my role, as a nurse... is that acceptable in your community? How about a butcher, would you allow them to sell tainted meat to your family? Or your grocer... should we accept spoiled food? Of course not. Such a business would run out of business and hurt people. As a society, we would not let them, there are rules for health and safety, what we now call “Best Practice”.

We can go far when our healthcare providers and team members provide the same pride in their work as the farmer, builder, plumber, hunter, guard and rest of our horde to take care of each other here on this planet. To make sure we keep safe our families – we help as if we are adopted into them, even for a moment. If we can keep that family afoot and safe, we can light hearts with hope and have no hunger and grow a stronger community for another season.

NurseAfoot.Caproviding Positive Health Outcomes by Intentis gradually being staffed by like minded people including RPNs, RNs, PSWs and consultants where needed. We provide mobile-based services and in-call services by appointment in the following areas: diabetic/advanced foot care and assessments, basic and advanced wound care, ankle/bachial index referrals (ABI), 8MHz doppler, in-home medical aesthetics, ADL assistance, physio assistance, health care teaching, mentoring, transit and way-point assistance, smudging and Therapeutic Touch.

Additionally, I am a nurse afoot and am available at clinics by arrangement. Of recent note I had the opportunity to serve at a Nurse Practitioner led clinic in Scarborough, ON for a day long event. I am a large man. Their clients were mainly tiny. It is a fine art both to make clients feel comfortable, safe and secure, as well as teach and mentor RNs and Nurse Practitioners in advanced foot and wound care. It feels really really special that I can communicate with an affect and deportment that other professionals are comfortable to learn together and honour me with taking care of their clients. That is some level of trust!

Let me know if myself or a nurse afoot can help you as a client or as a healthcare provider in your home, clinic or facility for care, training or maybe just a cup of tea. Thanks for reading, meegwech!

Best regards,

Lucas Morgan AFCN
Diabetic and Advanced Footcare Nurse

Please Visit for more info, credentials, associations and memberships as this is an ever changing list.