Apply & Renew

To become a member of IB SIG, you must make this election on your RPNAO Membership Form or select "add ons" when Applying Online. Scroll down for a link to the download form  and online application, and to see the step-by-step application instructions.

Each year you must renew your IB SIG membership by July 1stby personally calling RPNAO and reminding them that you wish to be part of “Independent Business Specialty Interest Group”.

The membership fee is for 12 months (July 1 - June 30) is: $72.50.

Students are welcome!

While you are in a nursing program, you are welcome to be part of IB SIG for free. We promote self-learning through our newsletters, conferences and networking with colleagues in this field. Here is a Student Flyer. Please promote this opportunity with your classmates.

Member Communications

Member communications occur mainly through email, so having an active email address is strongly recommended. The Members ONLY section of the website can be accessed by members by inputting a password. Member contact information and other internal materials such as By Laws, entrepreneurial resources, and government/practice advocacy issue are conveniently posted for members to read and download.

Registration Instructions

Option#1: Join using the RPNAO Online Membership Function.

1) Select "Regular Membership".



2) Decide on special offer, and method of payment.



3) Select IB SIG from the drop down menu of  "add ons".


4) Proceed with checkout by filling in the remaining information.

Option #2: Join using Application Form (PDF Download)

1) Download the RPNAO Membership Application Form from the RPNAO website. (Select "application form" from the list).

2) Select IB from the Specialty Interest Group box.


3) Fill out the form and follow the payment instructions on the application form.