Business Types (Specialty) Legend:

1. Wellness Management

A. Aromatherapy
B. Psychotherapy
C. Reflexology
D. Therapeutic Touch
E. Tai Chi
F. Colon Hydrotherapy
G. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
H. Nutrition
I. Acupuncture

2. Consultant

A. Behaviour
B. Dementia Care
C. Legal Nurse
D. Mentor & Coach
E. Real Estate for Seniors

3. Educator

A. Diabetic
B. Nurse
D. Nutrigenomics/Nutrigenetics

4. Advanced Foot Care

A. Diabetic
B. Wound Care

5. Home Care and Nursing Care Services

6. Medical Device Reprocessing Technician

7. Medical Esthetics

A. Cosmetic injector
B. Medical or IV injector
C. Medical Professional Skin Care
D. Medical Laser Skin Rejuvenation
E. Sclerotherapy
F. Micro-needling

  • Jessie Aitken
    First Name Jessie
    Last Name Aitken
    User Email
    Phone 519-938-6625
    City Orangeville
    Company Jessie's Foot Care
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B
  • Catherine Arnott
    First Name Catherine
    Last Name Arnott
    User Email
    Phone 416-562-5955
    City Toronto
    Company ALYL Inc./Footloose
    Business Type 1A, 1C, 2D, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, 5
  • Cynthia Aroh
    First Name Cynthia
    Last Name Aroh
    User Email
    Phone 647-476-869
    Company 12323931 Canada Inc
    Business Type 5
  • Cheryl Ann Atkinson
    First Name Cheryl Ann
    Last Name Atkinson
    User Email
    Phone 519-692-4038
    City Thamesville
    Business Type 4
  • Cynthia Belling-Rankin
    First Name Cynthia
    Last Name Belling-Rankin
    User Email
    Phone 519-878-4586
    City London
    Company Creature Comfort Foot Care
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B, 5
  • Linda Castle
    First Name Linda
    Last Name Castle
    User Email
    Phone 519-670-7436
    City Union
    Business Type 1, 1H, 2
  • Patricia Clancy
    First Name Patricia
    Last Name Clancy
    User Email
    Phone 705-742-8317
    City Peterborough
    Company Kawartha Home & Health Care Services Inc.
    Business Type 5
  • Audrey Cockhill
    First Name Audrey
    Last Name Cockhill
    User Email
    Phone 647-887-9717
    City Mississauga
    Company Audrey’s Sole Solutions
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B, 5
  • Michael Conacher
    First Name Michael
    Last Name Conacher
    User Email
    Phone 289-684-2247
    City Belleville
    Company You’re Beautiful MediSpa
    Business Type 1
  • Lorraine Doull
    First Name Lorraine
    Last Name Doull
    User Email
    Phone 519-759-3614
    City Brantford
    Company Nursing Footcare Services
    Business Type 1C, 4
  • Anna Drozdova
    First Name Anna
    Last Name Drozdova
    User Email
    Phone 289-990-9759
    City Niagara Falls
    Company Foot Care
    Business Type 4
  • Glenda Duff
    First Name Glenda
    Last Name Duff
    User Email
    Phone 519-441-3945
    City Seaforth
    Business Type 4
  • Laurine Eddy
    First Name Laurine
    Last Name Eddy
    User Email
    Phone 613-330-1855
    City Cornwall
    Company Youthful Rejuvenation
    Business Type 7A, 7F
  • Lianne Gallacher
    First Name Lianne
    Last Name Gallacher
    User Email
    Phone 613-225-2108
    City Nepean
    Business Type 4
  • Mirna Gomez
    First Name Mirna
    Last Name Gomez
    User Email
    Phone 647-244-9010
    City Scarborough
    Company BotoxPearls
    Business Type 1, 7, 7A
  • Lorrie Good
    First Name Lorrie
    Last Name Good
    User Email
    Phone 705-716-4167
    City Wasaga Beach
    Company Maplehill Wellness
    Business Type 1C, 4, 4A
  • Heather Graham
    First Name Heather
    Last Name Graham
    User Email
    Phone 905-979-1803
    City Hamilton
    Company Heather's Foot Care that Comes to You
    Business Type 4, 4A
  • Kim Groulx
    First Name Kimberly
    Last Name Groulx
    User Email
    Phone 519-755-5480
    City Brantford
    Company H&S Nursing Foot Care
    Business Type 4, 4A
  • Wendy Hancherow
    First Name Wendy
    Last Name Hancherow
    User Email
    Phone 807-228-0380
    City Marathon
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B
  • Jenne Harron
    First Name Jenne
    Last Name Harron
    User Email
    Phone 519-252-0237
    City Windsor
    Company Solely Foot Care inc.
    Business Type 4, 4A
  • Roudlyn Henry
    First Name Roudlyn
    Last Name Henry
    User Email
    Phone 289-716-6922
    City Bradford
    Company D&K Footcare Mobile Services
    Business Type 4A
  • Sharon Ann Horton
    First Name Sharon Ann
    Last Name Horton
    User Email
    Phone 613-837-9168
    City Ottawa
    Company Sharon Horton Foot Nurse
    Business Type 4
  • Josee Hunter
    First Name Josee
    Last Name Hunter
    User Email
    Phone 613-525-2424
    City Alexandria
    Company Happy Feet Medical Foot Care Inc
    Business Type 3, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4, 4A, 5
  • Sy Kim
    First Name Sy
    Last Name Kim
    User Email
    Phone 519-980-9139
    City Windsor
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B
  • Stephanie King
    First Name Stephanie
    Last Name King
    User Email
    Phone 705-543-2522
    City Tiny
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B
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