Business Types:

1. Wellness Management

A. Aromatherapy
B. Psychotherapy
C. Reflexology
D. Therapeutic Touch
E. Tai Chi
F. Colon Hydrotherapy
G. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
H. Nutrition

2. Consultant

A. Behaviour
B. Dementia Care
C. Legal Nurse
D. Mentor & Coach
E. Real Estate for Seniors

3. Educator

A. Diabetic
B. Nurse
D. Nutrigenomic/Nutrigenetrics

4. Advanced Foot Care

A. Diabetic
B. Wound Care

5. Home Care and Nursing Care Services

6. Medical Device Reprocessing Technician

  • Alieth C. Allen
    First Name Alieth C.
    Last Name Allen
    User Email
    Phone 905-685-4242
    City St. Catharines
    Company Visiting Angels Inc.
    Business Type 5
  • Beverley Anderson
    First Name Beverley
    Last Name Anderson
    User Email
    Phone (519) 615-2150
    City Bothwell
    Business Type 4
  • Catherine Arnott
    First Name Catherine
    Last Name Arnott
    User Email
    Phone 416-562-5955
    City Toronto
    Company ALYL Inc./Footloose
    Business Type 1A, 2D, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, 5
  • Cheryl Ann Atkinson
    First Name Cheryl Ann
    Last Name Atkinson
    User Email
    Phone 519-692-4038
    City Thamesville
    Business Type 4
  • Patti Clancy
    First Name Patricia
    Last Name Clancy
    User Email
    Phone 705 742 8317
    City Peterborough
    Company Kawartha Home & Health Care Services
    Business Type 5
  • Linda Dawson
    First Name Linda
    Last Name Dawson
    User Email
    Phone 519-589-4470
    City Kitchener
    Company Below the Knee Foot Care
    Business Type 4
  • Katherine Deluca
    First Name Katherine
    Last Name Deluca
    User Email
    Phone 519-736-1462
    City Amherstburg
    Company KD Foot Care to You
    Business Type 4
  • Anna Drozdova
    First Name Anna
    Last Name Drozdova
    User Email
    Phone 289-990-9759
    City Niagara Falls
    Company Foot Care
    Business Type 4
  • Cindy Eady
    First Name Cindy
    Last Name Eady
    User Email
    Phone 613-256-3113
    City Arnprior
    Business Type 4
  • Kari-Lynn Gray
    First Name Kari-Lynn
    Last Name Gray
    User Email
    Phone 519-273-9247
    City St. Pauls
    Company Kari-Lynn Gray, RPN Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
    Business Type 1
  • Bonnie Leigh Harris
    First Name Bonnie Leigh
    Last Name Harris
    User Email
    Phone 905-683-5977
    City Ajax
    Company Bonnie Harris
    Business Type 4
  • Lijun (Kitty) Harris
    First Name Lijun (Kitty)
    Last Name Harris
    User Email
    Phone 519-999-5688
    City Windsor
    Company Healing Footcare
    Business Type 4
  • Heather Hauka
    First Name Heather
    Last Name Hauka
    User Email
    Phone February 24, 2175 2:55 pm
    City Newmarket
    Company Quill Drive
    Business Type 1
  • Sharon Ann Horton
    First Name Sharon Ann
    Last Name Horton
    User Email
    Phone 613-837-9168
    City Ottawa
    Company Sharon Horton Foot Nurse
    Business Type 4
  • Josee Hunter
    First Name Josee
    Last Name Hunter
    User Email
    Phone 613-525-2424
    City Alexandria
    Company Happy Feet Medical Foot Care Inc
    Business Type 4, 5
  • Loretta Larocque
    First Name Loretta
    Last Name Larocque
    User Email
    Phone 807-938-1147
    City Dryden
    Business Type 4
  • Julia Lowe
    First Name Julia
    Last Name Lowe
    User Email
    Phone 519-982-6758
    City Essex
    Business Type 4
  • Jacquelyn Macknight
    First Name Jacquelyn
    Last Name Macknight
    User Email
    Phone June 23, 2193 8:15 am
    City Elliot Lake
    Company Elliot Lake Foot Care
    Business Type 1A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, 5
  • Alexandra McDougall
    First Name Alexandra
    Last Name McDougall
    User Email
    Phone 613-206-0234
    City Jasper
    Company Sole Perfection Foot Care
    Business Type Advanced Foot Care Nurse
  • Lisa Medeiros
    First Name Lisa
    Last Name Medeiros
    User Email
    Phone 905-631-6331
    City Campden
    Company Balanced Foot Care
    Business Type 1C, 4
  • Christine Milana
    First Name Christine
    Last Name Milana
    User Email
    Phone 647-996-8945
    City Hamilton
    Company Nurse4FootCare
    Business Type 4A, 5
  • Luke Morgan
    First Name Luke
    Last Name Morgan
    User Email
    Phone 613-724-6988
    City Ottawa
    Company Nurse A Foot
    Business Type 4
  • Deborah Okane
    First Name Deborah
    Last Name Okane
    User Email
    Phone 519-831-8414
    City Sarnia
    Business Type 4
  • Johara Omer
    First Name Johara
    Last Name Omer
    User Email
    Phone 647-718-4813
    City Scarborough
    Business Type 4
  • Susan Park
    First Name Susan
    Last Name Park
    User Email
    Phone 613-264-0714
    City Perth
    Business Type 4
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