Hi from Alexandria,

I've received many emails from IBSIG and love reading all of them, so thank you!  I am a Podortho foot care nurse and educator.  I'm wondering if you would be interested in speaking with me in regard to the education I provide for foot care nurses.  I know there are many who provide foot care education, but I feel my workshops stand apart as they focus on practical implementation and not just theory.  Would this be something IBSIG would be interested in knowing about and helping spread the word?  I have attached a link to the education section of my website for you to have a quick look at.


Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Stay safe and healthy.

All the best,

Honestly, the best part of my past several years in business has been exceptional, immediate advice which I received through you, dear Catherine.

Thank you for always being there to listen, guide, encourage, educate and advocate!


Wowsers! Thank you very much for solving this CRA issue with them refusing to pay our invoices!

I would highly recommend all nurses that want to start an independent practice or already have one, get an IBSIG membership to utilize the resources they provide to build your business and ensure you’re meeting best practice guidelines and standards.

I would like to thank the President of IBSIG Catherine Arnott for being a support system for all nurses. Your dedication, knowledge and expertise are so valuable to all; your hard work does not go unnoticed.

I cannot thank you enough for always picking up the phone, or sending an email no matter the time of day. Your constant support has given me the confidence I needed to be a better nurse and businesswoman.

Thanks Again,

I want to give a big shout out to Catherine Arnot for responding to me back in September 2019 and personally answering all my questions regarding Nursing Foot Care.

Catherine spent a good hour on the phone with me and then made a visit in person while she was in town. She explained the importance of policies and procedures, sterilization, and how to properly set up rooms. She takes great pride in her love for foot care and her patients.

I felt inspired to take my course and find my way in where I wanted to work.

After 14 years of working in Pediatrics, I was starting my adventure in something new.

Catherine gave me that self-confidence back. Thank you.


As a member of IBSIG, I asked the President to distribute the info to all members who work with seniors concerning an information session I was holding at McCowan Retirement Home. I had an Elder Lawyer, a Financial Advisor, A downsizer and myself, an RPN and Real Estate Agent specializing in working with transitioning seniors.

As I work in a niche market where I, as a Nurse, specialize in being a Real Estate Agent for seniors who are looking to transition their lives, homes and precious belongings, being a member of IBSIG gives me extra credibility when presenting and meeting with seniors and their families.

The knowledge offered under ‘members-only’ of the IBSIG website has assisted me in growing my business correctly and Catherine, through various phone discussions and being in attendance at my info session, was excellent support.

Happy new year, Catherine!

Since I became a member of IBSIG from 2016, when I just started practicing my footcare business, I have received tremendous resources and help from IBSIG. IBSIG really presents me, RPN, as a footcare professional.

I have received hundreds of emails from IBSIG through the years with the information of Changes in CNO, RPNAO, CNA, CDA, PHAC, IBSIG, etc. that included knowledge of organizational regulation changes, continuous education, income tax, infection control, business liability insurance, etc.

The president, Catherine, was personally on the phone with me several times with great patience to guide me. IBSIG showed me how to connect with experienced foot care nurses and suppliers, explained ways to get new clients, gave me tips to interact interprofessionally and to legally protect myself.

I have gained so much confidence and knowledge from interacting with IBSIG and have achieved the goals of being an independent foot care nurse. I am happy to be a member of IBSIG.

Thank you for all of your work and things to keep us safe.  IBISG has
really shined during this pandemic.