“A Business in Wellness and Lifestyle Management Services”

Janette Strong, Public Relations & Secretary, IB SIG

My name is Janette Strong and I am your Public Relations person/ secretary of IB SIG. The reason I became an RPN is the same reason why I also got into nursing in an independent practice setting and business. I felt that the public needed access to specialty health promotion/disease prevention strategies that were not being met within the OHIP funded healthcare system, but at the same time could benefit from a regulated healthcare provider like a nurse.

Since 1992 I have provided wellness and lifestyle management services and the specialty of colon hydrotherapy. My current clinical practice is in Clarkson. I received advanced practice training from a Nurse Practitioner in this specialty and help clients, including those with more challenging or complex health concerns. This is done by working collaboratively with naturopaths, medical doctors and other allied healthcare practitioners to create a coordinated plan of care for clients so they can achieve optimal health and wellness. I also teach tai chi exercise for health and stress management and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) for the management of pain and a broad variety of health conditions.

The most important thing I do for clients is to educate them so that they are in control of their health and have the knowledge and tools to stay optimally well. Further to this, I keep myself up to date with the latest medical research as it relates to health promotion and disease prevention to create an integrated natural health approach for my clients...nurses included!