by Patti Clancy, RPN

I entered a nursing program in Peterborough, Ontario at the age of 16. During my placement I quit nursing school thinking this was not for me and my nursing instructors called me back in and said I was a natural nurse. I graduated in 1978 as a Registered Nursing Assistant (RNA) and worked in many different types of health care jobs: in long-term care, doctor’s receptionist, homecare coordinator and a chiropractor assistant. I continued to take-part time courses from Trent University and Sir Sandford Fleming College, and continued to work as an RNA.

I took a break from nursing in 2002 due to personal reasons and as soon as I could resume my career, I contacted the College of Nurses of Ontario. I started to reinstate with the College of Nurses of Ontario and I will be forever grateful, for I had such a learning curve from my RNA in 1978 to a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) in 2014. I took many online courses and moved to Toronto in 2012 to do my clinical in Bridgepoint Health Hospital in Toronto (Medical Rehabilitation and Palliative Care) and finished with my consolidation in Ontario Shores in Whitby (Forensic Assessment Unit). Once again I was told by my nursing instructors I was a natural nurse.

In my younger days of nursing I began working in a homecare agency as a coordinator, which began in one of the owners’ bedrooms that was turned into an office; the business boomed. I loved my job and always wanted to open my own homecare agency. I was a single mom and after both my children were out of the home and educated (daughter a registered nurse, son a paramedic) and both married with children I decided it was Mom’s turn.

I opened AGAPE CAREGIVER RELIEF INC. July 31, 2015. AGAPE CAREGIVER RELIEF INC. uses a holistic approach to caregiver relief; providing personal care such as bathing, dressing, feeding, mobility assistance, companionship and palliative care, as well as housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and more for the family/caregiver and client.

I became a member of IBSIG several months earlier during my business setup phase. As a new member, I hope to network with other RPNs who run independent practices and learn about their successful business growth strategies.

AgapeLogo“When we walk into a home, we ask ‘What can we do to help you?’” says Patti Clancy. “We take care of the needs of each family unit, providing the services they require.”


July 2016 Update: My business is growing quickly. I now have a bookkeeper, business manager, intake nurse, office manager and 25 personal support workers.


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