“An Unexpected Left Turn in My Career”

Dianne Scott, Membership Coordinator, IB SIG, RPN, CFN, 309A-Electrician

I am the Membership Coordinator of Independent Business Specialty Interest Group (IB SIG of RPNAO)

After working as a licensed electrician for several years, I made an unexpected and complete left turn in my career. I went back to College and am now a recent Registered Practical Nursing (RPN) graduate with an eclectic background.

I was drawn to foot care directly out of George Brown College as a means to become independent and to avoid working night shifts. Building a sole proprietorship in the health care field has turned out to be a slow process. It has been hard work getting it off the ground but things are going well and I am learning a great deal about the business world and myself. I am very happy with my choice.

Discovering IB SIG made me feel supported and connected to other nurses that are brave enough to venture outside the public health system like me. When I heard from the President of IB SIG that the membership position was available, and after some discussion of membership responsibilities, I jumped in and took up the challenge. I could not pass up the opportunity to network with other members through email and in-person at special events. I am fascinated by the wide variety of work that independent nurses are doing in Ontario and look forward to assisting them in their quest in developing their own businesses, in this role.

Barefoot walking is my favourite pastime in good weather. Feeling the different textures and temperatures of the ground thrill my senses and make me appreciate my feet much more. When the weather is not suitable to be outside, I would rather thrill my senses in another way and create art. My favourite is drawing and painting portraits of people and pets from photographs that I generally take myself. Natural remedies and holistic modalities have held my interest most of my life. This influence has made me into a fermentation freak. I currently make sauerkraut, kombucha, and water kefir and am always open to other fermented treats. My husband is amused to no end when I tempt him with these concoctions; some he likes and some I get all to myself.

Additionally, I am a member of Nurses Entrepreneurial Footcare Association (NEFCA), Secretary of Toastmasters Club Beaches Speeches #646060), member of the Thornhill Referral Network, and of the Art Guild of Scarborough.