Business Types (Specialty) Legend:

1. Wellness Management

A. Aromatherapy
B. Psychotherapy
C. Reflexology
D. Therapeutic Touch
E. Tai Chi
F. Colon Hydrotherapy
G. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
H. Nutrition
I. Acupuncture

2. Consultant

A. Behaviour
B. Dementia Care
C. Legal Nurse
D. Mentor & Coach
E. Real Estate for Seniors

3. Educator

A. Diabetic
B. Nurse
D. Nutrigenomics/Nutrigenetics

4. Advanced Foot Care

A. Diabetic
B. Wound Care

5. Home Care and Nursing Care Services

6. Medical Device Reprocessing Technician

7. Medical Esthetics

A. Cosmetic injector
B. Medical or IV injector
C. Medical Professional Skin Care
D. Medical Laser Skin Rejuvenation
E. Sclerotherapy
F. Micro-needling

  • Wendy Hancherow
    First Name Wendy
    Last Name Hancherow
    User Email
    Phone 807-228-0380
    City Marathon
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B
  • Jenne Harron
    First Name Jenne
    Last Name Harron
    User Email
    Phone 519-252-0237
    City Windsor
    Company Solely Foot Care inc.
    Business Type 4, 4A
  • Roudlyn Henry
    First Name Roudlyn
    Last Name Henry
    User Email
    Phone 289-716-6922
    City Bradford
    Company D&K Footcare Mobile Services
    Business Type 4A
  • Sharon Ann Horton
    First Name Sharon Ann
    Last Name Horton
    User Email
    Phone 613-837-9168
    City Ottawa
    Company Sharon Horton Foot Nurse
    Business Type 4
  • Josee Hunter
    First Name Josee
    Last Name Hunter
    User Email
    Phone 613-525-2424
    City Alexandria
    Company Happy Feet Medical Foot Care Inc
    Business Type 3, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4, 4A, 5
  • Taylor Hyndman
    First Name Taylor
    Last Name Hyndman
    User Email
    Phone 613-661-2994
    City Trenton
    Business Type 7, 7A
  • Noor Ismaily
    First Name Noor
    Last Name Ismaily
    User Email
    Phone 613-297-9375
    City Cornwall
    Company Nu Age Medical
    Business Type 3A, 4, 7A, 7D, 7E
  • Callie Jewell
    First Name Callie
    Last Name Jewell
    User Email
    Phone 519-377-0303
    City WIARTON
    Company Cosmetics By Cal
    Business Type 7, 7A
  • Shahnaz Kazemi
    First Name Shahnaz
    Last Name Kazemi
    User Email
    Phone 416-551-2375
    City Toronto
    Company Florence Foot Care, Mobile Nursing Service
    Business Type 4
  • Jennifer Kellar
    First Name Jennifer
    Last Name Kellar
    User Email
    Phone 613-334-0083
    City Bancroft
    Business Type 7, 7B, 7D, 7F
  • Sy Kim
    First Name Sy
    Last Name Kim
    User Email
    Phone 519-980-9139
    City Windsor
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B
  • Stephanie King
    First Name Stephanie
    Last Name King
    User Email
    Phone 705-543-2522
    City Tiny
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B
  • Mary Lamont
    First Name Mary
    Last Name Lamont
    User Email
    Phone 519-374-5720
    City Port Elgin
    Company Stepping Forward Foot Care
    Business Type 4, 4A
  • Loretta Larocque
    First Name Loretta
    Last Name Larocque
    User Email
    Phone 807-216-7564
    City Dryden
    Company Loretta Larocque Nursing Footcare
    Business Type 4, 4A
    First Name LIEN
    Last Name LE
    Phone 647-860-0259
    Business Type 2D
  • Nichole Lemyre
    First Name Nichole
    Last Name Lemyre
    User Email
    Phone 905-621-8004
    City Pickering
    Company Hands to feet to heart
    Business Type 4, 5
  • Melissa Loomans
    First Name Melissa
    Last Name Loomans
    User Email
    Phone 905-806-3698
    City beeton
    Business Type 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 4, 4A, 4B, 5
  • Joann Luna
    First Name Joann
    Last Name Luna
    User Email
    Phone 819-230-7363
    City Kanata
    Company Joann Luna
    Business Type 2
  • Cheryl Macdonald
    First Name Cheryl
    Last Name Macdonald
    User Email
    Phone 905-922-6199
    City Whitby
    Company Durham Foot Care Nurse
    Business Type 4, 4A
  • Jacquelyn Macknight
    First Name Jacquelyn
    Last Name Macknight
    User Email
    Phone 705-578-2096
    City Elliot Lake
    Business Type 2A, 2B, 3, 3B, 4, 4A, 4B
  • Esterlene Mapp
    First Name Esterlene
    Last Name Mapp
    User Email
    Phone 905-450-3785
    City Brampton
    Business Type 4A
  • Amelia Martin
    First Name Amelia
    Last Name Martin
    User Email
    Phone 519-787-4100
    City Fergus
    Company Fergus Foot Care
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B
  • Lisa Mason
    First Name Lisa
    Last Name Mason
    User Email
    Phone 613-213-3160
    City Brockville
    Business Type 4, 4A, 4B
  • Vivienne McGaghey
    First Name Vivienne
    Last Name McGaghey
    User Email
    Phone 519-716-1177
    City Cambridge
    Company McGaghey's Foot Care
    Business Type 4A
  • Erica McLaughlin
    First Name Erica
    Last Name McLaughlin
    User Email
    Phone 905-925-6252
    City Port Perry
    Company Let’s Glow Salon
    Business Type 7, 7A, 7B
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